FAQ!!! <---------------


Q. When does the comic update?
A. Comic updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays at midnight, EDT.
Q. Where does the comic name come from?
A. It comes from Griha's genie type: Marid. If I get sued by someone the name will change into Merid =P
Q. How old is Griha?
A. 401 years. 421 if you add her years as a mortal.
Q.What country is Griha from?
A. Egypt.
Q. Wait... But genies are an Arabian thing.
A. I know. It's a little twist in the story to make it less stereotypical and predictable.
Q. No tales about ancient Persia? Buried treasure? 1001 Arabian Knights?
A. No. This comic focuses on present time.
Q. Harems?
A. Not that kind of a story.
Q. So are Griha's "rules" the same 3 like in Aladdin?
A. No. Griha has an actual rulebook to follow and so far the count has been at least 1675.
Q. So according to pop culture, genies are suppose to...
A. I honestly would forget what pop culture says about genies. The only thing that is the same is the amount of wishes.
Q. What's with all the lightning shirts?
A. RJ likes them.

Q. Why does Griha wear so many keyhole shirts?
A. Her lamp provides most of her clothing so her options are limited.
Q. When are we going to hear Griha's backstory?
A. She has informed us that she has no memory of it so I wouldn't start holding my breath.