49# Strong moral code


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22nd Oct 2015, 12:16 PM

Holy crap we're almost 50 pages in. Feels more than that... XD

Oh well! Most of you don't know this btw but this page, the previous page and the next two pages from here were actually added when this chapter had already started. Reason for that is because we realized there was still stuff we needed to explain. You can thank one of the comments actually for that because when you write a chapter you don't always remember to think it from the point of view of first viewers. So thanks to you guys always commenting and asking questions wondering about stuff, you help us find the things we need to still explain. So like said: keep commenting. It really helps us.

For example I think all the people who usually comment have asked now what's RJ's problem XD Well thanks to you I realized I need to add an actual word to word explanation to that so it's not just left up to self explanation. So you find out his reason in chapter 4!

Anyway, stay awesome. Also after next week I'll be gone for a week so you get one more page and then it's one week off. I'm off to Germany!

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