#203 Good to know.


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13th Nov 2019, 11:00 PM


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14th Nov 2019, 12:56 AM

Wait a min... what's that on his chest? Isn't that from one of his shirts too?

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14th Nov 2019, 4:07 AM

It's the mark that shows he is bound ti Ghira

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The Nitpick
14th Nov 2019, 4:09 AM

It's the marking that binds him to Griha, from his first "wish" near the beginning. She has one just like it.

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14th Nov 2019, 12:15 PM

I'm late to process the fact, but we never got to see the moment the "lesson" wish about chest size reversed.

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14th Nov 2019, 7:49 PM

The "lesson" bit is a two page Patreon only post =w=

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