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1st Jan 2015, 6:30 PM

The comic has returned! And this time we have a few pages waiting in the files so we won't run out immediately.

We are sorry that it took us this long to bring the comic back... Ethan was going through school stuff and I was going through an art block that lasted over 5 months due to stress over my move to the States. They don't make moving across the planet easy, guys XD So problem was: Even if Ethan had time to line, I was unable to draw.

But finally the inspiration fairy, in the form of a stream follower, came to me and smacked me upside the head and demanded me to work on Marid XD In live Picarto stream... So I pulled up the rough sketch of page 10 and started making the final sketch. After it was done, I pulled up the page notes and said f*ck it to me and Ethan's plan of going through the notes, since it seemed to never happen, and I sketched out the remaining 5 pages of Chapter 1. After that I made chapter 2! So we have a buffer of some sort =w=

Hopefully the slight style change won't bother you guys too much. In just 5 months people can learn so much and so I learned a bit improved anatomy! Also I found couple of font effects that make the pages even better so yay us. Ethan also has improved in his line art and I had really wished you could have seen it, but Ethan wasn't able to finish pages on time for us to upload them today, so I'll be making pages until he is up for the task once again :3

Updates for now will be weekly because we don't want to run out of pages in just a few weeks, even if it has been proven that I can make 6 page sketches in 2 days.

Thanks for being patient. I'm positively surprised we haven't lost subscribers during this time but I guess it just means we won your heart during these 9 pages <3 Hahaha, denial is fun...

Anyway, enjoy! Happy new year everyone!

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3rd Jan 2015, 7:43 PM

darnit richard you should know never to do that!

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4th Jan 2015, 2:50 AM

But he did anyway! MWAHAHAHAAA!

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Grey Garou
12th Jun 2015, 2:54 AM

Apparently he didn't realize one has to be quite careful about choice of words with genies.

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12th Jun 2015, 2:17 PM

Yeah you would think he knew that XD

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