Marid tells us the tale of Robert Jenkins, who inherits an Arabian lamp one day from his deceased father. Inside this lamp appears to be a 400-year-old genie named Grihalamujonana d' Shuzu, who has served RJ's father for 30 years. Never being too happy about his father's lifestyle, RJ refuses to make any wishes which not only angers Griha, but also makes her use an old trick up her sleeve that gives her his first wish.
Now stuck together until RJ turns 25, or figures his life out, Griha and RJ need, or at least should, try to find a balance between them so they can get along and not destroy the apartment.
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Main characters:


Robert (James) Jenkins aka RJ is a fresh 18-year-old art student in college. Equipped with quite a temper... He has one simple rule: "Nothing good in life comes easy."



Griha, aka Grihalamujonana d' Shuzu, is a 400-year-old, very sassy, genie who is now stuck being roommates with RJ. Has a comeback to every insult you throw at her.


Side characters:


Richard (Marianne) Hahn, is a 19-year-old IT student who shares the apartment with RJ. Due to a wish-gone-wrong, he is now equipped with a whole new personality that makes him more confident in front of women.
Lord knows when we get back our normal Richard... Well I know, but I'm the god in this world!



Sergio (Theodore) Tanner, is a 16-year-old child prodigy, and RJ's old class mate. His family being on his back his whole life about skipping grades, Sergio slows down on purpose in school so he can experience the life of a teenager when he is still one.



Cassandra (Natasha, Rosalinda, Victoria) Couture, is a 18-year-old fashion student, and RJ's ex. Two months into their break up, she still can't seem to come to terms with the relationship being over.



Dr. Abigail Tanner, is the proud mother of Sergio and Catherine. Always wanting the best for her children, Abigail showers them with loving kisses, provides them healthy food, and protects them from anything that could be bad influence on their bright futures... Even if it means giving an unwelcoming cold shoulder towards her son's "so-called" best friend for the rest of her life...

The Originals:

 Marida, aka Maridalamanesko Je'Toia. The original who created Griha's genie type.
 Oronis, aka Oroniselamajenisko D'Abu. Griha's friend who she hasn't seen in two years.
 Sete. The original in charge of punishments. Not known for kindness...


  • Bruce Jenkins, RJ's deceaced father and Griha's previous master. 1st.
  • Catherine, Sergio' sister... Probably younger. 1st. 2nd.
  • RJ's mom, she loves her baby boy. 1st.


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